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features a completely re-built vintage API console (originally from ABC studios, NY). This rare, custom 40-input version delivers a rich transparent sound that keeps API in demand across the globe.

GRP has a huge three-tiered control room that provides enough room for cutting direct tracks, midi gear, extra outboard racks and more people than you probably want in there!

The studio is almost 1500 sq/ft with a 15' ceiling at the ridge and a daylight design if you want to see the Florida sunshine. GRP offers Protools and Plugs, as well as 2" MCI analog 16/24 stack and well stocked racks of analog outboard gear. What ever your tracking needs, we can accommodate you.

offers complete video, digital video and 16/35mm film production services. From concept to scripting, casting and location scouting . . . to directing, shooting, editing, designing graphics and duplication, we have the resources to make your project unique and successful.

Whether it's documentary, music video, training or corporate, location or studio, infommercial or commercial . . . we guarantee competitive rates, absolute deadlines and peace of mind that you are getting a quality product.

GRP offers a 1500 sq/ft soundproof and lighted studio, teleprompter service, dollys, jibs, steadycam, wireless and multitrack audio services. In addition, we provide complete in-house audio post production for voice overs, music, SFX . . . plus custom music scoring and recording! And now, of course, there is WebCasting, which groups like IIA are using to broadcast to their members.

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