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Robbie Dupree

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Singer-songwriter Robbie Dupree (born Robert Dupuis) began his music career by singing in a cappella groups on the street corners of Brooklyn. His passion for music flourished in the rich, creative atmosphere of the late 1960s. Moving to New York City during these exciting days, Robbie dedicated himself to songwriting and the pursuit of a solo career. He studied the work of rhythm and blues legends like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. Their powerful rhythms and sensual melodies became the foundation of Robbie’s emerging style. By 1970, he was performing his early compositions on the club scene in Greenwich Village.

Robbie spent the next several years working on becoming a self-sustaining musician. However, songwriting took a backseat to survival. In the circumstances, his dream of a solo career began to seem unattainable. Acting on the advice of a friend, Robbie packed up and moved to Woodstock, New York. It was 1973.

The solitude of the Catskill Mountains and the fact that the Woodstock community was filled with brilliant musicians and songwriters proved to be the right choice. Robbie formed a number of bands in those early years. Among them, The Striders, Small Fortune, and Chrome Willie and the Sparks. Robbie toured extensively in the Northeast. During this time, Robbie’s songwriting began to take shape. His first national recognition came in 1976, when his song “When You’re Down” received the American Songwriting Festival Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Song.

In 1978, Robbie made the decision to pursue a solo career. He moved to Los Angeles and hooked up with old friends Rick Chudacoff and Peter Bunetta. Together, they produced his first solo recording. In 1980, Robbie signed a contract with Elektra Records. His debut album yielded two Top Ten singles, “Steal Away” and “Hot Rod Hearts”, and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. To date, “Steal Away” has been played on American radio almost three million times. It qualifies as a true pop classic.

Robbie has released nine albums over the past 25 years. His latest, Time and Tide, is his first studio record in five years. “The songs are all very personal to me and they have been brought to life by my incredible band:  David Sancious, Larry Hoppen, Leslie Smith, Rick Chudacoff and Peter Bunetta. Together, we have been friends and music partners for more than 30 years. Five years ago we formed this band and began touring around the world. We created the foundation for our own sound. From the start, I knew that we would someday get to do a recording together. Time and Tide is the realization of that dream! I have never been more proud or pleased with the results of our efforts.”

Robbie’s music has been featured in major motion pictures, network television shows, and national sports events. He continues to perform in concert around the world.

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