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Lurrie Bell

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Born in Chicago, the home of the blues, on December 13, 1958, son of acclaimed harmonicist Carey Bell, Lurrie picked up a guitar at the age of four and taught himself how to play. It was evident from the start that he was gifted beyond most. Surrounded and influenced by icons such as Eddie “Playboy” Taylor, Big Walter Horton, Lovie Lee, Sunnyland Slim, Jimmy Dawkins, and Muddy Waters, who all frequented Lurrie’s home, Lurrie developed into an unsurpassable guitarist in his own right.

By the age of thirteen, Lurrie was performing on stage with his father’s band and at the age of seventeen, he debuted on two tracks of Eddie C. Campbell’s King of the Jungle. Soon after that, Lurrie formed the band, Sons of the Blues (also known as the S.O.B.s) with Billy Branch and Freddie Dixon (son of Willie Dixon). The trio spent the next six years touring the world awing crowds with their own gripping sound and style.

Lurrie did not miss a beat after leaving the Sons of the Blues. He joined Koko Taylor’s band as her lead guitarist and headed out on the road with her on a world tour for four years. Lurrie is said to have recorded on over eighty albums and has recorded several solo albums, as well as numerous albums with his father, Carey.

Sadly, Lurrie Lost his long-time friend, partner, and mother of his daughter Aria, Susan Greenberg, to cancer on January 20, 2007. Susan was an accomplished and respected artist and photographer who specialized in the blues. She impacted Lurrie’s life perhaps more than any other. He credits her with putting him on the right path in life and considers her to be his soulmate, who was brought to him by God to bring him to where he is supposed to be.

Lurrie’s loss of Susan was soon followed by the death of his legendary father, Carey Bell, to heart failure on May 7, 2007. Carey was Lurrie’s mentor and he gave him the gift of the blues. Sharing the stage with his father is among Lurrie’s most cherished memories.

Currently, Lurrie continues to travel the world to the delight of audiences far and wide. Without a doubt, Lurrie has achieved international notoriety and respect as a musician and artist. It is no surprise that those within the blues circuit consider Lurrie C. Bell to be Blues Royalty.

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